Monday, March 4, 2013

The Beholder of Remarkable Art

Art is the intersection of passion and skill. Skill without passion is work. Passion without skill is just plain irritating. But when passion and skill intersect they become remarkable art.

Mostly we associate being an artist with painting or singing or dancing. But being an artist can be anything, anything about which you are passionate.

The clerk who can turn a disgruntled customer with ease could be an artist. The salesman that knows when to give the ask might be an artist. The programmer crafting elegant code might be an artist.

How can you tell? Passion. Being passionate about something usually entails something more than commercial gain. You may get paid a million bucks for your art but it's not why you do it. You do it because it's your contribution; because it makes a difference, because it makes you and others feel good about who you are. Passion makes you want to be a little better next time.

Where do passion and skill intersect for you? What do you do well that you would do for just enough to pay the bills. Maybe it's what you do everyday but never realized it as your art. Discover that intersection and behold your remarkable art.

Go, be remarkable.