Saturday, April 6, 2013

6 Easy Steps To Denting The Universe

Ok, there are no easy steps to denting the universe.  Making a dent in the universe is hard.  Every day you keep doing what you're doing in light of what seem to be insurmountable odds.  Sometimes you win.  Sometimes you don't and when you don't it's easy to begin doubting if you have what it takes to make your dent. You do.

Here are a some universe denting tips:

  1. Do what you know - When denting the universe you will probably be tackling the unknown or unexplored but you must start with an area of expertise. The dent you make is a result of leveraging what you know against that which is unknown or unexplored.
  2. Read a lot - Keep learning and be open to new concepts and ideas. Exploring is the key to discovering where you will make your dent and reading is an excellent way to explore (listening to podcasts also counts).
  3. Write about what you read - Writing or sharing about what you learn forces you to understand what you read. You can't intelligently share something you don't understand.
  4. Connect with people smarter than you - This keeps you humble and gives you perspective.  And sometimes you learn something.
  5. Do things bigger than you - Because doing big things dents the universe and forces you to understand that alone you cannot do big things.
  6. Volunteer - By its very nature volunteering attracts passionate resources to desperate needs. Volunteering gives us the opportunity to put on another's shoes and walk on their path. Volunteering gives us insight to our passion and passion drives initiative.

Seth Godin reminds us in his book Poke The Box that "Initiative is scarce. Hence valuable". Anyone can not take the initiative, that's the norm. You are different and that makes you valuable.  The value you bring is your willingness to take the initiative, to step out, to make the call, to assemble the meeting, to do something bigger than you, to make your dent in the universe.

Go, be remarkable; take the initiative and dent the universe.