Thursday, June 13, 2013

Choosing and Being Chosen

The difference between choosing and being chosen is narrow but important.  One has me in the driver's seat and the other standing on the side of the road.  Choosing has me in control.  Being chosen has me at the mercy of others.  Choosing has me deciding what's best for my goals.  Being chosen has me part of achieving another's.

And yet they are intertwined.  Choosing requires that others need what I do and choose to pursue me.

Deciding whether I choose or get chosen will determine how I spend my time.  To be chosen drives me to polish and shine my outward appearance since I am competing against hundreds, maybe thousands, who are also polishing their outward appearance.   And as the competition gets more polished, before I know it I'm spending most of my time polishing, sending, calling and following to be chosen.  All the while spending less and less time doing/making the remarkable thing I do best.

On the other hand, being able to choose requires that choosers come looking for me.  Although they might find me in a pile of resumes it's not likely.  The key to getting them to my doorstep is the concept of "attraction to the remarkable" and leveraging that attraction to build the tribe.

Focusing on your remarkable work and building the tribe produces three results.  One is  continued income and a growing tribe while focusing on doing the remarkable thing you do.  Two is it exposes you to more choosers who now come knocking on your door rather than you knocking on theirs.  And three, the final and greatest benefit, is that you get to choose.

Read anything by Seth Godin to learn more about "attraction to the remarkable" and the benefits of tribe building in this new economy.

Go, do something remarkable.